Forest School

Can you please ensure that your child is wearing suitable clothing for Forest School from next week. They should be dressed in long sleeves and long trousers/leggings…there are a lot of brambles, nettles and hawthorn trees in the woods which can scratch and injure them! Also, once the canopy of the trees is complete it is surprising cool over there!

Many thanks for your support ,

Mrs Goodman


Mrs M…

We are very lucky to have a new adult working with us in Reception until the beginning of July. Mrs M has been with us all week and has really enjoyed getting to know all of the children; she looks forward to working closely with them over the upcoming weeks.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Citizens this week…

A huge well done to our citizens this week who are Summer and Alfie Cross, it has been lovey to see how proud both children have been of their recent work. Summer and Alfie both take care in their work, show pride in themselves and set a good example to others around them. Fantastic effort both of you, keep it up!

Next week our target is enthusiasm so we will be looking for children that show this at school.

Our learning for week beginning Monday 23rd April…

Next week we will be learning:

Phonics: The children will continue to learn new phonemes, digraphs, trigraphs and tricky words in their phonics lessons. They will be playing games, forming graphemes and writing words or sentences. The children will be given opportunities to apply their phonic knowledge to their independent learning.

Literacy and maths: Next week we will be reading the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. The children will be carrying out a variety of activities in both of these lessons that are based on the book. These activities include ordering key events in the book, looking at the life cycle of a butterfly, number sequences, mathematical problems based on the story and exploring days of the week and the things we do on different days.

In the moment planning: We will be taking our themes from the children’s interests and exploring their learning with them ensuring next steps are met. If your child has a particular interest at home at the moment please let us know.

How you can help at home:


Reading with your child at least 5 times week (whole school expectation), talking with your child about tricky words and helping to sound out new words that they can breakdown phonetically. When your child is forming graphemes (letters) please model to them how to form them correctly so we can address any misconceptions. Provide your child with opportunities to mark make/ write for a range of purposes such as birthday cards and shopping lists.


Read the story of the ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ with your child, talking about the changes that happen to him throughout. Discuss days of the week; ask questions such as “if it’s Tuesday today, what will the day be tomorrow?” Talk about different activities/events your child takes part in outside of school to add to their own timetable. Make a timetable for the week and discuss what is happening on each day.


Citizens award this week…

A huge well done to Sadie and Ewen who are our citizens this week. They are able to follow instructions the first time that they are asked in all situations. Well done to you both, keep up the good work! Well done to all of the Squirrels also as we won the trophies for the cloakroom award and the attendance award!

Next week and over the holidays we will be looking for children who show pride, in themselves; their work, their school and everything that they do. This will be carried out over the Easter holidays as well so please let us know if your child does this throughout the break.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Our learning next for week beginning Monday 26th March…

Next week the children will be re-capping on everything that they have learnt over the past half term. We will be working with them to see if they can apply the skills they have been taught to different situations in both phonics and maths.

We will be making cards to send to our families and making Easter nest cakes as well. The children will be going to church with the rest of the school on Thursday morning. If your child has any allergies or you have any questions about them attending the church then please let us know.

Next week the children will also be sent home with 2 books to read over the Easter holidays, please continue to work with your child on the points discussed at parents evening appointments. If you need any extra support or resources to help with this then please let us know.

Thank you


If your child would like milk at school and they have already turned 5 then this will need paying for online. Schools are supplied with milk for all children under 5 for free and then after this point it becomes chargeable. We have leaflets available to show you how to set up online payments. If you have any questions please let us know.

Thank you