Our Learning – 10th July

This week we begin our transition to Year 1; meeting our teachers and spending some time in our new classes. We will continue to talk about changes and how to cope with change during class time and individuals can always request some extra talk time through bubble time.

Geography and weather is our theme for the week along with the whole school. We will partaking in the following adult led activities.

  • Snowball maths problems using doubling, halving and counting
  • Positional language based on the rhyme “Incy Wincy Sider”
  • Making sun mandalas using natural materials
  • Keeping a weather diary for the week.

At the end of the week we will be making lemonade, tasting strawberries and finding out about Wimbledon.

How can you help at home?

Continue a weather diary – look at weather forecasts on the TV/internet safely with an adult. How does the weather change? Find out how people predict the weather.

Have a game of tennis at the park – fin out how tennis players keep score. Invent your own scoring system for a game.

Celebrating our week

It has been another busy week. We are beginning to think about the changes coming in September, how we felt when we first started Reception and how the new nursery children may be feeling. We have made a book of ‘helpful hints’ using our growing writing skills to share with the new children.

Monday saw the children enjoying a fabulous performance by the Richard Hale Band. Some children got the chance to sit amongst the band whilst they were playing. We had many drum kits and instruments recreated in the classroom for the rest of the day, indeed the week!

We enjoyed the assembly by Judo Paralympian silver and bronze medallist, Ian Rose. He was inspirational and talked about the importance of never giving up. Many children returned to the classroom to make medals, practise their sports skills and find out more about the sports on offer in the Paralympics using the internet.

In child initiated learning their have been models made from wood in the woodwork area, a bowling alley made from the big blocks and a pop up theatre outside.

Our Learning – 3rd July

What are we learning about in Reception?

Week beginning 3rd July

Monday sees visits from the nurse to talk to us about dental care and our birds of prey display.

We will be writing about these experiences too.

We are continuing to solve problems about capacity and sharing

We will also be having another look at money.

In phonics we are either working through more phase 3 phonemes or looking at multisyllabic words. For details on your child, please ask.

How can I help at home?

Use sentence starters such as below when talking through problem solving play.

  • I noticed
  • I know it is not this because
  • If I do …. this will happen

Talk about money in everyday home situations eg paying for something in a shop, counting up coins in a purse, working out change given from an amount.

Continue to read daily!

Celebrating our week!

A very hot week! It was good to see lots of hats and water bottles in school.

Sports Day was a great day! Lots of fun had by all. We are very proud of our teamwork and resilience as well as our physical skills.

We have been busy this week, writing about the items we found on our scavenger hunt at Forest school last Friday. We have been using describing words such as fuzzy, straight, rough and squashy.

We have been thinking about our families and how they can be the same or different. We have drawn pictures of our families and people who are special to us, which has been made into a book and is on display in our reading corner.

We have also talked about our routines both at home and at school, and how we stay clean and look after ourselves.

In maths we have been looking at capacity through making potions, sharing with play-dough cakes and sweets, and using ‘The 3 Bears’ to show our understanding of positional language.

How can you help?


How to help at home?

  • Ask your child how they feel about moving to a new class.
  • What can they remember about moving up to Reception? How did they feel then? What advice would they give children coming up to Reception this year?


We are continuing to consolidate our skills in capacity, position and sharing

  • We are describing and using words associated with position. Can your child tell you which position they are standing in? Can they stand/ sit in, on, under or next to something?
  • Explore with different sized containers in the bath – estimate and count how many cupfuls will fill different containers. Use some deceptively tricky containers eg tall and thin, ones with a bulge.
  • Share out equal pieces of pizza, toys, treats. Talk about how each group has the same. Introduce the word divide


  • Continue to read together at home. Please ensure the children have their books in school each day.
  • Practise you writing – labels for toys, shopping lists, signs, simple sentences!
  • Eg what sentences can you write using the words ‘he’ and ‘she’.