Phonics pronunciation and actions….

Thank you all so much for such lovely parents evening meetings over the last two days, it’s been lovely to listen to all of your feedback. After talking to many of you about phonics I thought I would share this link  with you all about the pronunciation of phonemes (sounds) and the actions that the children use. These are all of the phonemes so hopefully will be able to help you over the year as the children learn more and more. I will be arranging a phonics meeting for parents in the near future to support with any questions or queries you might have.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you again

Miss Chatman 🙂


Just a reminder….

Just to remind you that we hope to change the children’s reading books every Monday at school, please ensure they have their reading record and book with them on that day. If you have read with your child please leave a comment or sign their reading record so we know the book can be changed. If you would like your child’s book changing again during the week then please put your child’s reading record and book, that needs changing, in the tray in the parent area when you drop them to school in the morning. It’s been lovely to see your comments about reading at home with your children, if you have read other books other than the ones from school then please let us know this too. A reminder that the school’s target is that children are reading at least 5 times a week at home.

All of the children will  be getting a form of reading book to take home next week. These will either be picture books or books with words. Please share these books with your children focusing on their understanding of the story as well as reading the words (if appropriate). If you need any support with this then please let me know.

Thank you again for all of your support with your child’s reading at home 🙂

Miss Chatman

Citizens for this week….

A big well done to our citizens this week who are Alfie Cross and Caitlin! They have been making sure they play safely with equipment and look out for their friends when playing. Keep it up! Next week we will be looking for confidence and believing in ourselves.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Being healthy….

This week we have been looking at ways we can keep healthy. If you have any pictures of your child carrying out activities that keep them healthy please send them in with your child for us to display in our classroom.

Thank you

Our learning for week beginning Monday 9th October 2017…

Next week we will be learning:

Phonics- continuing to learn new phonemes and re-cap the ones covered so far. Forming graphemes correctly, blending and segmenting words.

Maths – exploring shapes. Going on a shape hunt around the school environment, sorting shapes, making shape pictures and looking at the properties of different shapes.

The Gruffalo – describing the Gruffalo and labelling different features, re-telling the story of the Gruffalo using props, making Gruffalo crumble (if your child has any allergies please let us know), going on a Gruffalo hunt in forest schools.

How you can help at home:

Continue to talk to your child about phonemes they have learnt at school and asking them to identify them in different contexts. If writing with your child please ensure that they are forming their graphemes in the correct way.

Look for shapes around the house, ask your child if they can name the shape and talk about properties of the shape (corners and edges).

Share the story of the Gruffalo with your child encouraging them to share their opinions, order events and predict what might happen next.

Forest school….

Just to inform you that there will be no forest school next Friday (6th October), we will be back there the following week for some new adventures! The children are to come to school in their usual uniform for this day. We really enjoyed forest school today where some magic glitter had been left from some special, magical visitors!!