Citizens award…

A huge well done to Noah and Carmelita who are our good citizens this week. They have both shown lovely manners in school which have been recognised by adults outside of the classroom. Keep up the good work!

The children all sat beautifully in their first assembly this morning, Mrs Hussain was very proud of them.

Next week we will be continuing with our good manners and awarding the good citizens award to the children showing this without being asked.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂


Favourite books…

For a display in our book corner we would love to hear all about your child’s favourite book at home. Next week please send in a picture of your child with their favourite book or bring the book in for us to take a picture of. It would be lovely to hear why the children like that specific book and who their favourite character is too.

Thank you 🙂

Our learning for week beginning Monday 24th September 2018…

Next week the children will continue to learn new phonemes (sounds) in their phonics lessons; practising forming the graphemes (letters) and playing games to apply the skills they have learnt.

We will also be reading the book of ‘have you filled a bucket today’ which talks about different feelings and how we can ‘fill our buckets’ by being kind to others. The children will be talking about what fills their buckets and sorting different scenarios into how they could make people feel.

How you can help at home:

Provide opportunities for your child to identify different phonemes that they see in the world around them, play games together such as ‘I spy’, make up stories with your child and scribe what they tell you to model writing for different contexts.

Think of different scenarios that might make someone happy and ‘fill their bucket.’

If you need any support with how to help your child at home please let us know.

Thank you 🙂

Citizens award…

Every Friday morning the children will attend celebration assembly with the rest of the school. Each week we will choose two children to receive the award based on the target set, we aim to tell you if your child will be receiving the award that week. Parents/carers are more than welcome to come along to any of the assemblies throughout the year. If your child has something that they have achieved outside of school (such as a swimming or football medal) please share it with us so they can be presented to the children in assembly.

Next Friday (21st September) the award will go to children showing good manners.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Story time on Monday 17th September…

Unfortunately we won’t be starting story time until Monday 24th September due to the welcome meeting for parents on Monday 17th September at 2:45. We would like as many parents as possible to attend the welcome meeting so have made the decision to postpone beginning story time.

Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Miss Chatman

Our learning for week beginning Monday 17th September 2018…

Next week the children will be starting their phonics lessons at school. We will be looking at the phonemes (sounds) s,a and t to see what the children know already and if they can hear the phonemes in words, recognise them in different contexts and apply them to different situations. We will be doing this through games and other practical approaches.

The children will also be carrying out activities related to number, recognising numbers up to 20 and matching numeral with quantity.

We will continue to introduce the children to routines in Reception such as rolling snack and celebration assembly on Friday.

How you can help at home…

Provide your child with opportunities to listen to the phonemes (sounds) in words, can they identify the initial phoneme? Can they blend phonemes together to make a word? Forming graphemes (letters) in different context using different media such as water, paint or pencils. Look for numbers around the house or out and about, can your child recognise familiar numbers in different contexts?

If you need any support with how you can help your child at home please don’t hesitate to ask.

Welcome to Squirrels….

A huge well done to all of the children this week, they have been fantastic and settled into their new class brilliantly. It has been lovely to get to know them and we look forward to learning more next week.

Next week we will continue to get used to our routines in Reception and look forward to our trip to the church on Friday morning.

If you have any questions about anything now the children have started please don’t hesitate to ask or arrange a convenient time to have a meeting if something needs discussing in more detail.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Chatman, Mrs Bunce and Miss Simpson 🙂