Our Learning – 10th July

This week we begin our transition to Year 1; meeting our teachers and spending some time in our new classes. We will continue to talk about changes and how to cope with change during class time and individuals can always request some extra talk time through bubble time.

Geography and weather is our theme for the week along with the whole school. We will partaking in the following adult led activities.

  • Snowball maths problems using doubling, halving and counting
  • Positional language based on the rhyme “Incy Wincy Sider”
  • Making sun mandalas using natural materials
  • Keeping a weather diary for the week.

At the end of the week we will be making lemonade, tasting strawberries and finding out about Wimbledon.

How can you help at home?

Continue a weather diary – look at weather forecasts on the TV/internet safely with an adult. How does the weather change? Find out how people predict the weather.

Have a game of tennis at the park – fin out how tennis players keep score. Invent your own scoring system for a game.


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