How can you help?


How to help at home?

  • Ask your child how they feel about moving to a new class.
  • What can they remember about moving up to Reception? How did they feel then? What advice would they give children coming up to Reception this year?


We are continuing to consolidate our skills in capacity, position and sharing

  • We are describing and using words associated with position. Can your child tell you which position they are standing in? Can they stand/ sit in, on, under or next to something?
  • Explore with different sized containers in the bath – estimate and count how many cupfuls will fill different containers. Use some deceptively tricky containers eg tall and thin, ones with a bulge.
  • Share out equal pieces of pizza, toys, treats. Talk about how each group has the same. Introduce the word divide


  • Continue to read together at home. Please ensure the children have their books in school each day.
  • Practise you writing – labels for toys, shopping lists, signs, simple sentences!
  • Eg what sentences can you write using the words ‘he’ and ‘she’.

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