Our Learning – week beginning 5th June

What are we learning about in Reception?

Week beginning: Monday 5th June

  • Phonics –recapping on phonemes to date – practising segmenting and blending simple sentences and captions.
  • Forest School
  • Writing what we did during the holidays
  • Maths (rotation over 3 weeks)
    • Exploring capacity
    • Exploring position
    • Sharing objects
  • Writing about “Jack and the Beanstalk” story.


How to help at home?


  • We are writing sentences about the story “Jack and the Beanstalk” Retell the story at home. Make some paper puppets to use by drawing the characters on paper and sticking them onto a stick/straw.
  • Write your own sentences about the story. We are going to write one word on a dried bean to think about having spaces between our words.


Over the next three weeks we are rotating the topics capacity, position and sharing in maths groups.

  • We are describing and using words associated with position. Where is lego man? Using words to describe where lego man is.
  • Explore with different sized containers in the bath – estimate and count how many cupfuls will fill different containers. Use some deceptively tricky containers eg tall and thin, ones with a bulge.
  • Share out equal pieces of pizza, toys, treats. Talk about how each group has the same. Introduce the word divide.

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