Our Learning – week beginning 15th May

What are we learning about in Reception?

Week beginning: Monday 15th May

  • Phonics –recapping on phonemes to date – practising segmenting and blending simple sentences and captions.
  • Exploring pattern – copying patterns, extending patterns and making our own patterns.
  • Forest School – finding and creating patterns.
  • Our vet visit has been rescheduled for this Monday. We will be writing about their visit.
  • Saints art work – we will be finding out about the Christian Saint Swithin and producing some art work to go into Watton Church with the rest of the school.


How to help at home?

  • Please keep reading at home! The children will be asked to hand their books in each day. The yellow journals will be checked by myself or Mrs Bunce.
  • Keep familiarising and practise ordering your numbers to 20, particularly 10+. We have been looking in particular at the pattern of ones. Please ask if you want further information.
  • Patterns –
    • Read stories with repeated refrains.
    • Listen and respond to a variety of music – encourage the children to move rhythmically to the beat with repetitive movements – can they make up their own dance using repeated movements?
    • Make and create patterns using a variety of resources – toy cars, sticks and stones, food etc
  • Saints –
    • Do go down to the church to have a look at our art work. It should be there for the beginning of June.
    • Talk about what saints, special people you have in your lives, regardless of the religion. How are they important to you?
  • Vets
    • Do you have a pet or animal to care for? Have you been to a vets? Talk about the role vets play in caring for pets. What do you or would you do to care for your pets?

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