Summer 1 Information

Reception – Squirrel Class

Our PE day is Tuesday.

Please make sure all items of clothing are named.


Reading books –

Please continue to put your reading books in the tray to be changed. Help yourself to picture books from the basket.


Stay and Share

Wednesday 24th May 8:45-9:30am


Thursday 25th May 2:30-3:15pm

You are welcome to come and play, talk to the teachers and look at the children’s learning journals in the classroom.

Home-School Activities

Date Activity
Wk3 – Tuesday 2/5/17 School Led Activity

Start of day – important information!

From the start of the Summer Term Reception will be lining up on the playground (as the rest of the school does) at the start of the day. This is part of us preparing to go into Year 1 in September. Children will be supported to hand in reading books etc daily and any other activities/papers that need to be returned to school.

Children therefore need to be lining up at 8:50am.


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