Our Learning – week beginning 27th March

What are we learning about in Reception?

Week beginning: 27th March

  • Phonics –recapping on phonemes to date – practising segmenting and blending simple sentences and captions.
  • Predicting what is in the egg – writing sentences to record our ideas.
  • Recognising numbers (particularly teen numbers) – guessing which numbered egg the chick is in.
  • Ordering eggs in 1s (10-20) or 10s.
  • Writing about what we will be doing in the holidays.
  • Stay and Play – Wednesday 29th 8:45-9:30am or Thursday 30th 2:30-3:15pm


How can you help at home?

  • Talk about what you may be going to do in the holidays. Start your sentences using “I will ….” Rehearsing this verbally supports the children when they come to write it.
  • Continue to practise recognising and ordering numbers, in particular to 20. Keep your practise short but often. Play games with the numbers eg hide a number under half a plastic egg – children lift the egg to read the number. Write numbers on plastic eggs or chocolate wrappers. Children say the number on the egg or before they eat the chocolate.
  • Keep a diary of what you get up to in the holidays. We love hearing about what you are doing and seeing your fantastic writing.

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