Our learning – week beginning 20th Feb

What are we learning about in Reception?

Week beginning: 20th February

  • Phonics – learning the phonemes –recapping on phonemes to date
  • Writing about what we did in the holidays
  • Discussing healthy living options and recording our thoughts on paper.
  • Maths groups – ordering numbers, using comparatives to discuss weight, finding the total by counting all of them.

How to help at home?

  • Talk about what you do at home that helps you keep healthy eg sleeping, eating, exercise, washing ourselves, cleaning our teeth etc
  • Talk about what you have done over the holidays. Model simple sentences so the children can rehearse orally what they want to write. Eg I went to… I had…
  • Counting to look at numbers to 20 – order them, count out quantities, double them and halve them.
  • Keep reading regularly – please keep borrowing story books from the basket to share at home – it is important that the children are still being read to as well as reading themselves to continue to develop their comprehension skills and expand their vocabulary.

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