Our Learning – week beginning 23rd Jan

What are we learning about in Reception?

Week beginning: 23rd January

  • Phonics – learning the phonemes – qu/th/ch or recapping on phonemes to date
  • Wellcomm – continuing to identify emotions
  • Continuing to use comparatives eg big, bigger, biggest
  • Writing about why our snowman melted
  • Chinese New Year
  • Making fire cracker pictures using needle and thread
  • Using money in everyday situations in a Chinese Takeaway scenario.

How to help at home?

  • Talk about money and associated vocabulary if you are in a shop- discuss and compare the names of coins, their colour, shape and size.
  • Talk about changes in the weather eg frosty mornings, dripping and melting ice – why is it happening?
  • Continue to read regularly with your child at home – if you are unsure how to do this, please ask.
  • Practise the new phonemes – reading and writing them – have a go at writing some of the words on the phonics hand outs. You may even challenge yourself to put them in a sentence either orally or written.
  • Keep borrowing books from school and reading your scheme books.

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