Our Learning – week beginning 16th

What are we learning about in Reception?

Week beginning: 16th January

  • Phonics – learning the phonemes – y/z/ee/sh or u/b (see individual hand out for details)
  • Wellcomm – identifying emotions
  • Using comparatives eg big, bigger, biggest
  • Writing about what we can see – using the new phoneme /ee/
  • Writing about how to catch a star based on the book “How to catch a star”
  • Ordering numbers, estimating and using the words more/less

How to help at home?

  • Continue to read regularly with your child at home – if you are unsure how to do this, please ask.
  • Practise the new phonemes – reading and writing them – have a go at writing some of the words on the phonics hand outs. You may even challenge yourself to put them in a sentence either orally or written.
  • Use comparatives such as longer, longest, bigger, biggest, short, shortest. The words ending in –est are the most challenging for the children at present.
  • Talk about the emotions of characters and people in story books. How do e know they are feeling .like that? How may they behave/act? How could we behave/act in response to this?
  • Continue to order numbers to 20. Estimate quantities eg how may carrots on your dinner plate and check by counting. Use words like few and many to talk about quantities eg there are few cars park in the road.

Mrs Goodman will be in Reception all day on Monday as Mrs Taylor is on a course.


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