Our Learning – week beginning 28th November

What are we learning about in Reception?

Week beginning: 21st November

  • Matching number to quantity – doubling and halving using acorns.
  • Creating patterns with leaves.
  • Recording our experiences from the visit from an ambulance.
  • Using printing techniques to create Autumn leaves.


How to help at home?

  • Collect some Autumn treasures – group and label them with numbers.
  • Play games halving and doubling Autumn treasures eg what’s double 4?
  • Create repeating patterns using toys, objects from around the home

Eg fork, fork, spoon, fork, fork, spoon etc

Eg red lego brick, blue lego brick, red lego brick…

Eg sock, pants, sock, pants

  • Continue mark making at home – lists, Christmas ideas, labels – write as many sounds as you can hear – don’t worry if it is not the whole word at this stage – just have a go!
  • What objects around the house can you use to create patterns and texture? Eg potato mashers, forks, lego bricks

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