Our Learning – week beginning 10th October

What are we learning about in Reception?

Week beginning: Monday 10th October

  • Forest School – Tuesday pm – please make sure your boots and clothes are in school.
  • Harvest Poem – Apples – learning to recite this in assembly Friday afternoon to the rest of the school
  • Phonics – consolidating phonemes learnt to date
  • Counting apples
  • Creating apple pictures using spin art
  • Making apple crumble

How to help at home?

  • We are using an old salad spinner to create apple spin art – if you have an old spinner at home have a go (you can sometimes find these in charity shops too). Stick an apple shape to the bottom of the spinner with a piece of blu-tack. Squirt on paint of varying colours. Place on lid and SPIN!
  • We are singing the rhyme .

“5 red apples on my apple tree

If Mrs Taylor comes and eats one

How many will there be?”

Repeat with 4,3,2,1. Sing the rhyme at home. You can change the numbers too to suit the level of challenge eg 20 red apples, 19,18,17 etc


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