Our Learning – week beginning 19th September

What are we learning about in nursery?

Week beginning: Monday 19th September

  • Forest School – Tuesday pm – please make sure your boots and clothes are in school.
  • Recapping on mixing powder paints
  • Recapping on joining methods in the creative area
  • Exploring the sounds of some instruments from around the world.
  • Finding out how to use a bead string to count and show numbers.
  • Finding out about the Muslim celebration of Eid.


How to help at home?

  • Talk about representing numbers in different ways eg 3 could be the digit 3, 3 stones, 3 lines on a piece of paper etc. This can be done with 2 and 3 digit numbers too.
  • Do you have any unusual instruments from around the world at home – have a go at using them, talk about what they are made from – you are welcome to bring them in and share with us.
  • Please bring in your spare cereal boxes, plastic containers etc for our joining activity this week.
  • We are playing some language games – different children are working on different aspects – if you would like to know what your child is doing, please come and ask me (there are too many variations to post on here as they are specific to your child.)





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