Our Learning w/c 23rd May

Our learning for w/c 23rd  May

This week we will be thinking about time – looking at o’clocks and at what time of the day we do certain activities.

In the Forest School area we will be writing about what we can feel and going for a scavenger hunt.

We will be thinking about our feelings this week – looking at how to resolve conflicts with our friends and also listening to music and describing how it makes us feel.

Growing – after planting our bean seeds and cress last week we will be checking on their progress during the week.

On Friday we will be thinking about Special Places and then we will be Going on a Bear Hunt…

How can you help at home?

  • talking about time at home – pointing out when things happen or when things will happen.
  • play I Spy or I Hear…
  • choosing favourite songs and explaining why
  • taking photos and write about what you have grown at home – bring it in to share with us
  • share your family’s special places
  • make a list of your favourite bedtime stories – compare adults and child’s list..



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