Our learning for w/c 16th May

Our learning for w/c  16th May

This week we will be engaging in some more growing. The children will be deciding which colour “hair” they would like their cress person to have (yellow or green!) – so this will determine where they place their cress to grow.

We will also be starting off some bean seeds in a clear pot so that we can watch what happens when a seed germinates.

Following on from our very successful walk, after which we wrote about what we could see, this week we shall be thinking and writing about what we can hear!

How many people live in your house? After finding out we shall be making a bar chart and using the data to answer questions.

Vegetable printing – we will be using a range of different vegetables to print pictures. In RE the children we be introduced to some special religious places and talking about to whom they might be special.

On Thursday we are hoping to visit our New Forest School area and spend some time exploring – should anyone wish to join us….

How can you help at home?

  • growing seeds in different environments
  • make a bean den with a wigwam of canes and some bean plants!
  • keep a diary of changes that happen to your seeds
  • visit a garden centre
  • using natural materials found in the garden to print pictures

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