Our Learning for w/c 9th May

Our learning for w/c  9th May

This week we shall be thinking about Growth Mindset which is all about how you think and feel, rather than what you can or cannot do and believing that you ‘Can do it!’….

In response to this we will think about all the fantastic things that the children can do and celebrating their achievements.

We will be walking around the school, seeing what interesting things we can find, from which we will be writing informative sentences beginning with the phrase “I can see…” and then in RE we will be considering other special places in the children lives.

Now that the children are becoming more familiar with the names of 3D shapes we will begin to explore them further this week by introducing the names of the properties – faces, vertices, edges – and encourage the children to use these terms whilst describing shapes. We will also be looking at the different mathematical symbols that we see and use.

On Thursday we are hoping to visit the New Forest School area and spend some time exploring – should anyone wish to join us….

How can you help at home?

  • celebrate your child’s achievements
  • encourage them to positive about any mistakes that they might make, thinking about “Next time I will…”
  • encourage the writing of simple sentences – maybe writing about a family member or pet e.g. My mum can… or My dog can….
  • ask them about their special places – where they feel happy, safe and loved
  • enjoy a 3D shape hunt around your home and garden

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