Our learning for w/c 2nd May

This week we will be using the new growing area, working together with Nursery the children will decided on what they would like to grow and will be in charge of looking after their own tyre.

We are also taking part in some science experiments looking at what plants need to grow and trying to regrow vegetables from the tops.

In PE the children will be practising their dribbling skills; so please ensure they have named trainers and tracksuit bottoms in school.

Whilst reading Oliver’s fruit salad we will be writing our own shopping list for a fruit salad.

We will be taking a tour of the school and thinking about the different places and what makes them special.

Ways to help at home…

  • Play outside with a ball – ask them to show you their throwing, catching and kicking skills.
  • Play a game of football allowing them to shoot at goal.
  • Write shopping lists
  • Try new fruit and vegetables
  • Plant and grow different seeds and bulbs
  • Allow the children to help weed and look after the garden or window boxes
  • Explore remote control or programmable toys
  • Talk about places that are special to you as a family

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