Our learning for w/c 25th April

This week we will be having a special maths week concentrating on many different aspects.

We will be looking at addition and subtraction; playing a range of games to use these skills in fun ways.

Whilst looking at capacity we will be playing in the sandpit using different size containers and introducing the relevant vocabulary.

We are going to be creating our own creatures and ordering them  according to length and introducing 3D shapes looking at their properties and going on a shape hunt around the classroom.

While looking at money we are also going to be playing shops.

In PE we will be using out new found footwork skills to score goals and move the ball around the football pitch.

Ways to help at home…

  • Play outside with a ball – ask them to show you their throwing, catching and kicking skills.
  • Talking about how to keep yourself healthy – food, sleep, exercise, keeping clean etc.
  • Enjoy using different size containers in the bath, using capacity vocabulary.
  • Explore all the items in the house that tell and measure time. How many can you find?
  • Have a teddy bear picnic share the food equally between the bears.
  • Order toys from the shortest to the longest.
  • Build tall and short towers using packets from the kitchen.
  • Go on a 2D and 3D shape hunt around the house and garden.
  • Play shops using price tags and money on different items of food and toys etc.
  • Play simple addition and subtraction games.

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