Our learning for w/c 18th April

The topic for the first half of the summer term is Growing.

This week we will be talking about different fruits and vegetables and deciding whiich ones we would like to grow in school. We will also talk about what we need to keep us healthy.

We will also be looking closely at our classroom environment and setting peers challenges to complete in different areas.

On Wednesday Paradise Willdlife Park will be visiting.

In PE we will be looking at how to control the ball with our feet and later we will b using our powder paint skills to mix secondary colours with primary colour powder paints.

In Computing we will be learning how to program a Beebot.

Ways to help at home…

  • Growing fruit and veg at home. Cress and mustard seeds or carrots tops can always be grown on a windowsill.
  • Talking about what living things need to grow – sun, food, water
  • Talking about how to keep yourself healthy – food, sleep, exercise, keeping clean etc
  • Ask your child about the visit on Wednesday
  • Play outside with a ball – ask them to show you their throwing, catching and kicking skills
  • Writing a list – we will be listing all the different fruit and vegetabes we know. Perhaps you could pop into Tesco and amaze us with some unusual types
  • Find an unusual object at home to draw or paint a picture of. Look at the different shapes whilst you are drawing
  • Play I Spy with colours – who can spot a primary/secondary coloured car first etc

Obviously keep up the reading at home (at least 5 times a week is recommended), sharing story books and setting small problems to solve around maths.

Any WOW! moments – we’re always happy to see those and add them to your child’s learning journey.


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