Our learning for w/c 12th October 2015

I can draw and explain who are my friends


30-50 PD Holds pencil between thumb and two fingers, no longer using whole-hand grasp. Holds pencil near point between first

40-60 PSED Confident to speak to others about own needs, wants, interests and opinions.

40-60 EAD Creates simple representations of events, people and objects

40-60 L Writes own name and other things such as labels, captions.

How can you help at home?

·         Practise name writing – sign for bedroom door or signing birthday cards

·         Talk about who they play with at school and why

·         Tell your child why they are special

Key vocabulary: You, friends, draw, colour, name
I can move over, under and through the small apparatus


30-50 PD Moves freely and with pleasure and confidence in a range of ways, such as slithering, shuffling, rolling, crawling, walking, running, jumping, skipping, sliding and hopping. Runs skilfully and negotiates space successfully, adjusting speed or direction to avoid obstacles.

40-60 PD Experiments with different ways of moving. Jumps off an object and lands appropriately..

How can you help at home?

·         Going to the park – climbing, sliding, jumping, running, skipping

·         Races– how many different ways of moving can you think of?

I can use roller and print block to create a picture or pattern


30-50 EAD Realises tools can be used for a purpose

30-50 M Shows an interest in shape and space by playing with shapes or making arrangements with objects

40-60 EAD  Uses tools and techniques competently and appropriately

    40-60 M Uses familiar objects and common shapes to create and recreate patterns

    40-60 PD Uses simple tools to effect changes to materials
How can you help at home?

·         Making patterns from everyday objects and describing what you have done

·         Look for patterns in nature

·         Printing with everyday objects from around your home

Key vocabulary: Print, paper, printing, rollers, paint press, pattern
I can rub the mixture together and I can express an opinion


30-50 C&L Responds to simple instructions, e.g. to get or put away an object.
40-60 PD  Handles tools, objects, construction and malleable materials safely and with increasing control.

    40-60 PSED Confident to speak to others about own needs, wants, interests and opinions.

How can you help at home?

·         Making rock cakes – rubbing in method

·         Looking at recipe books – choosing something to make together

·         Give your child a choice and asking the reason behind their choice.

Key vocabulary: Taste, like, dislike, flavour, prefer, rubbing, recipe, ingredients, method
Key vocabulary: apparatus, jumping, over, under, through

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