Our learning for w/c 21st September 2015

Drawing the members of our family in height order


30-50 M Beginning to talk about the shapes of everyday objects, e.g. ‘round’ and ‘tall’.

EAD Understands that they can use lines to enclose a space, and then begin to use these shapes to represent objects.               

40-60 M Can describe their relative position such as ‘behind’ or ‘next to’.  Orders two or three items by length or height.

EAD Creates simple representations of events, people and objects.

How can you help at home?

·         Find out who is the tallest in your family

·         Can you build 3 towers and put them in height order

Key vocabulary: tallest, shortest, taller, shorter
Making a birthday cake and having a party


30-50 PD Understands that equipment and tools have to be used safely. Uses one-handed tools and equipment, e.g. makes snips in paper with child scissors.

PSED Can play in a group, extending and elaborating play ideas, e.g. building up a role-play activity with other children.

EAD Enjoys joining in with dancing and ring games.


40-60 PD Handles tools, objects, construction and malleable materials safely and with increasing control.

EAD Initiates new combinations of movement and gesture in order to express and respond to feelings, ideas and experiences.

How can you help at home?

·         Plan a party of their favourite toy

·         Play party games

·         Make cakes at home

Key vocabulary: stir, weight, bake, games, fun, party, birthday, five,

Rhyming activities


30-50 C&L Shows awareness of rhyme and alliteration.

Recognises rhythm in spoken words.


40-60 C&L Continues a rhyming string..

How can you help at home?

·         Play rhyming games

·         Read a rhyming story

·         Make up silly rhyming words, taking it in turns

Key vocabulary: rhyming words
One more


30-50 M Shows an interest in number problems

40-60 M Says the number that is one more than a given number

How can you help at home?

·         Using the words more and less – I need one more fork..

·         Shopping – could you get me one more carrot, how many will I have?

Key vocabulary: more, less, altogether, total

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