Healthy eating

11th September 2015


Mrs Hussain has set a whole school task: She would like to re decorate the display in the dining hall and she needs your help!

As a school we are trying to promote a healthy lifestyle, whether that means eating a healthy diet, exercising through sport or pleasure, following a sportsperson that inspires you etc.

As your homework task this week, we would like you to create a piece of work that promotes a healthy lifestyle. As staff we will then select carefully a few from each class to go on display in the dining hall. The other pieces of work will form a class book that will also be on display.

It is up to you how you present your work, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Design a healthy packed lunch
  • Design a 3d healthy meal on a paper plate
  • Research facts about your favourite sportsperson and athlete
  • Research facts about different fruits
  • Make a poster about being happy and healthy
  • Make a collage of different fun but physical activities.

The more creative the better! There will be class rewards for all that complete the task.

We look forward to seeing your designs.


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