Our Learning – week beginning 27/4/15

Please find a summary of some of the learning we will be doing in adult led session in Reception this week.  There are some ideas of how you can support your child at home.

Where will my magic flip flops take me?


30-50 Lit – Sometimes gives meaning to the marks as they draw and paint

40-60 Lit Attempts to write short sentences in meaningful contexts

ELG – Lit – They write simple sentences which can be read by themselves and others.

How can you help at home?

·         Encourage children to keep records of events or trips they have been on eg a trip to the zoo, a visit to Nanny’s house

·         Listen to what your child has written.

·         Ask questions such as “tell me about…” to encourage their thinking beyond what they can write.

Key vocabulary: real, imaginary,

Design symmetrical flip flops


40-60 Experiments to create different textures.

Understands that different media can be combined to create new effects

ELG – They represent their own ideas, thoughts and feelings through design and technology

How can you help at home?

·         Where can you find symmetry in your home/ outside/ on the way to school?

·         Talk about what symmetry you see eg patterns on socks, butterflies, markings on animals.

Key vocabulary: symmetry, symmetrical,

ICT – Using the internet to search for pictures     Purpose:

Knows that information can be retrieved from books and computers. Interacts with age-appropriate computer software


They select and use technology for particular purposes.

How can you help at home?

·         Talk about how to search for pictures safely on the internet at home – please refer to the school’s safety policy for further advice

·         What may you need pictures for at home

·         Find some pictures on the internet and use them eg as a label for toys, a card for someone, in a game, make a mask etc


Key vocabulary: picture, safe, search, save

RE – What places are special to me


Enjoys joining in with family customs and routines. 40-60m

They know about similarities and differences between themselves and others, and among families, communities and traditions.

How can you help at home?

·         Look for a picture as shown in the ICT activity about your special place

·         Bring photos or objects into school to share about your special place

·         Talk about the places that are special to different members of your family.

·         Are the places close by or abroad?

Key vocabulary: special, place, family

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