After half term…

The children will be looking at Chinese New Year as part of their topic work on the first week back. We will be trying different foods such as noodles, rice and sweet and sour chicken.

Please let us know if your child has any allergies on Monday 19th February.

Have a lovely week 🙂


Helping your child over half term…

The children have all been working really hard this half term in all of their learning, we would like them to continue with this over half term to help them cement what they have learnt so far.

Literacy/phonics: Please read with your child regularly over the half term break, talk with them about what is happening in the story as well as support them in reading the words. Provide opportunities for the children to write in different contexts and for different purposes. If your child has been mark making it is helpful for them to see an adult scribe what they have said or model the correct spelling/formation underneath. The children have been trying hard to use the new handwriting at school by using the lead in strokes.

Maths: An expectation in Reception is for children to be confident with numbers to 20, in and out of context as well as in a random order. Please help your child with this by playing games with the number cards given out at Christmas and provide opportunities for them to recognise a range of numbers when you are out and about. We have been working on addition and subtraction over the last couple of weeks an the children have enjoyed working out problems in their maths lessons this week. It would be lovely to see any sums/problem solving they have done over the holidays when we come back to school so we can celebrate their achievements with them.

If you would like to talk about how your child is getting on at school and what they are working towards next then please let us know and we can arrange a convenient time to discuss this. There will be parents evening next half term as well where this information will be shared.

Have a lovely half term 🙂

Citizen award this week….

A huge well done to Megan and Oliver for showing great progress in the last few weeks. They have both worked extremely hard both at school and at home with their reading and writing which has been lovely to see. Keep up the good work both of you!

A big congratulations to Alfie C as well for receiving ‘man of the match’ from his football team because he kept on going. We love to hear about your achievements from outside of school as well so please do bring them in to share with us at celebration assembly on a Friday.

After half term good citizens will be awarded to the children showing good manners so we hope you can show this to people at home as well over half term.

Stay and play reminder….

Just to remind you that we have stay and play next week;

  • Tuesday 6th February from 2:30
  • Wednesday 7th February until 9:30

There will be opportunities for you to play with your child, complete some of the activities we are doing at the time and share story time with your child as well.

Please remember that we are not allowed mobile phones out in the classroom to safeguard all of our children at school, if you have got a phone with you we can put it somewhere safe when you sign in.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Citizens award this week…

Our good citizens for this week are Alex and Sophie. They have worked really hard to help others when they are at school; making sure the classroom is tidy, helping adults with jobs and looking out for their friends if they are stuck. Well done to both of you, keep up the good work!

Next week we will be looking for children who have shown good progress at school.

Our learning for week beginning Monday 5th February 2018…

Next week we will be learning:

Phonics: the children will continue to learn new phonemes throughout the week. They will be forming graphemes as well as reading words or sentences and writing them too. Some of the children have begun to learn digraphs as well (e.g. th, sh, ch,). We will also be working with children individually to see which phonemes they can name and where we can support them further in their learning.

Maths: in maths we will be using the skills that the children have learnt over the last few weeks to solve problems. The children will be playing games to ensure they can recognise their numbers up to 20 out of order (an expectation for Reception children) and thinking of methods and resources they can use around the classroom to find the answer.

Literacy and topic: next week we will be reading the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’. The children will be reading the story as well as the sequel, talking about what qualities they would like to have to be a kind friend, making special scales for our new door display and watching a ‘walking on water’ experiment!


How you can help at home:

Phonics: give your child opportunities to name phonemes in and out of context, ask your child to sound out words they might see in different places. Provide opportunities for your child to mark make or write for real life purposes such as birthday cards or shopping lists. Listen to your child read, ask the questions about the story and help them to sound out new words with independence.

Maths: ask your child about what could help them to find the answer to a sum. Provide opportunities for your child to answer sums (1 more, 1 less, addition and subtraction). Ask you child to name numbers in different contexts that are out of order.

Literacy and topic: read the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’ with your child, talk to them about how the characters might be feeling in different parts of the books. Discuss what qualities they would like to have to be a kind friend to others around them. Colour mix together to see what new colours they can create.